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Unveiling Energy-Saving Secrets: How to Help Customers Cut Electric Bills

July 21, 2023

Review the four steps to helping customers think through their energy efficiency upgrades!

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Finding ways to save money is always top of mind - and you have the power to guide your customers towards significant savings while improving energy efficiency. By offering your valuable insights, expert advice, and implementing energy-saving solutions, you are a trusted partner in helping customers reduce their electric bills. In this article, we will cover the drivers of achieving substantial cost savings and share tips you can leverage to assist your customers in driving an energy efficient home.

Section 1: Understanding Energy Consumption

To kick off, you already know the important factors that drive higher energy usage - but your customer may not. As part of any home walk through, you're evaluating the leakiness of the building, the energy consumption and the homeowner usage patterns. From there, you’ll have the foundation to educate customers on common sources of energy waste, such as inefficient equipment, inadequate insulation, and outdated systems. Armed with this knowledge, you can conduct comprehensive energy audits and provide tailored recommendations to maximize energy efficiency and bring significant savings to your customers' pockets.

Section 2: Optimizing HVAC Systems

Optimizing the HVAC system inside a home will drive home comfort, and help customers feel in control. This not only improves the customer experience, but drives efficiency.

There are X common ways to optimize the HVAC system:
1) Implementing state-of-the-art HVAC systems - such as high-efficiency units can dramatically impact comfort. Variable speed systems can adjust to the different climate conditions, providing year round comfort. These systems can also increase eligibility for high-value incentives from local and federal governments.

2) Implementing smart thermostats for single speed and dual speed equipment can help ensure systems run when they need to.

3) Ensuring regular filter replacement (every 6-12 months, depending on climate zone) will help ensure that the system isn’t working too hard for the same level of airflow

4) Implementing clear zone control technology will offer more control of the temperature and overall comfort in every home. An HVAC zoning system makes each room the ideal temperature based on individual preferences, so that homeowners can choose multiple temperatures across their home.

Section 3: Sealing Air Leaks and Insulation

You know better than anyone that some of the real drivers of discomfort and energy waste is the building envelope - particularly air leaks and insufficient insulation. Educating customers about the importance of sealing air leaks and enhancing insulation to minimize energy loss is vital. Specialized services, including thorough duct sealing, weatherstripping, and insulation upgrades, can yield substantial energy savings, and also open up opportunities for local and federal home heating credits and incentives. Highlighting the financial incentives and rebates available to customers who invest in these energy-saving upgrades, can consistently help you stand out on site.

Section 4: Encouraging Energy-Saving Habits

Your role extends beyond equipment optimization. You can empower customers to adopt energy-saving habits that make a lasting impact. Sharing friendly reminders about proper thermostat usage, the significance of regular HVAC maintenance, and the benefits of energy-efficient lighting choices are all small ways you can build your relationship with your customer. Position yourself as their trusted energy-saving advisor and educating them about utility company programs and incentives that reward their efforts. By emphasizing the financial advantages and long-term savings, customers will feel motivated to embrace these practices and take an active role in reducing their electric bills.


As an HVAC contractor, you hold the key to unlocking substantial savings on your customers' electric bills. By sharing your expertise, providing practical advice, and implementing energy-saving solutions, you become the go-to expert for energy efficiency. Tailored recommendations and guiding through accessing rebates and incentives can strengthen relationships, enhance satisfaction, and contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective future for your valued customers. If you're hoping to maximize the value you deliver on site for homeowners with easy-to-use field survey tools, book a time with Conduit Tech!