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How do I talk about LiDAR with my customers?

April 3, 2024

Curious about the best ways to talk about LiDAR with your customers? Check out our table of potential scripts below.

Conduit Tech
Ways to Introduce LiDAR to your customers
Example 1 Show an example scan of your own home or office -“Here is an example scan of my own home - as you can see, all that is saved down is the floorplan and the 3D model - no photos, no videos, no nothing. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Is it alright with you if we proceed?”
Example 2 Show example scan in a non-sensitive space of their home
“If alright by you, you can test this on just the garage or a piece of the home just so you can see what the experience is like, before we proceed - here’s how we’ll complete the scan”
Example 3 Talk through how LiDAR works
“LiDAR stands for Light Detecting and Ranging. It works by sending light beams out from the iPad Camera, and measuring how long it takes for those light beams to bounce back. That determines the distance of the item from the camera. This is what creates the foundations of our 2D floorplan and 3D model”