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3 Ways to Excel in Email Marketing

Sept. 20, 2023

Learn how email marketing can be a powerful digital tool to serve your HVAC customers.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is a powerful tool in your digital marketing toolbox, that help you maintain mindshare and drive future call volume. You’re likely already maintaining a CRM software for your HVAC business - and with it, lists of customers and their level of engagement with your team’s services.

With the information you’re already collecting as part of your day-to-day operations, you have the ability to target messages to your customers’ inboxes. Using your hvac customer database software, your team can deliver relevant content, exclusive offers, and important updates. This direct line of communication can be particularly helpful in reengaging past clients, and staying top-of-mind for customers still in the purchasing process. In fact, Field Edge estimates that email marketing can generate up to $36 return on investment for every dollar spent on email marketing. In this article, we outline the 3 key steps to email marketing.

1. Growing a Quality Email List

Your email list is a valuable asset, consisting of homeowners who have shown interest in your HVAC services, and given their permission for you to contact them. To build your list, try offering incentives such as downloadable guides and special discounts in exchange for permission to collect customer email addresses. Placing email subscription forms on your website and social media profiles as a call-to-action (CTA) — e.g. Subscribe, Schedule Now, Get Discount - can help drive engagement with your email list. It’s critical to make sure that your subscribers have given consent to receive emails from you to comply with email marketing regulations.

2. Sending Personalized and Targeted HVAC Campaigns

Generic email blasts often go unnoticed, but personalized and targeted campaigns can make a significant impact. Segmenting your email list based on factors such as location, service interests, or engagement history, and then using craft tailored content that speaks to each segment's preferences can help your campaigns stand out. It may be useful to set a goal for each campaign, whether it be driving new inquiries for a maintenance program or collecting reviews from recent clients. For example, you can create a segment of clients who recently had new systems installed, and send them newsletters with advice on how to maintain their newly-installed HVAC units, accompanied by information on your maintenance services. You can offer discounts for newsletter subscribers to add an element of exclusivity. Ultimately, your personalization - through how you segment, address and customize recommendations will make your emails more engaging.

3. Maximizing Impact Through Seasonal and Event-Driven Campaigns

The last step in personalization is contextualizing your outreach in email campaigns- adding on a layer of relevance and timeliness. Creating seasonal and event-driven campaigns will allow you to align your messaging with your audience's immediate needs. For instance, as summer approaches, air conditioning maintenance and upgrades become top of mind for homeowners. An email campaign during late spring focusing on the importance of AC check-ups can not only provide valuable information but also serve as a timely reminder for service appointments. Similarly, sending out "Winter Preparedness" emails in the fall could include a checklist for winterizing homes and special offers on heating systems or tune-ups, which paired with offers around your team’s maintenance visits can help drive action.

By tying your campaigns to specific seasons or events, you can boost engagement rates, increase conversions, and offer real value to your customers. When planning these campaigns, consider integrating them with your other marketing efforts, like PPC advertising or social media, for maximum reach and impact. You’ll wnat to track the results of each mechanism of your campaign, but also know that showcasing your brand across multiple channels will often yield results that are hard to attribute to any one action.

Technologies and Platforms That Can Support This

There are a suite of tools that can help simplify the administrative aspect of email marketing, so you can stay focused on creating valuable content that your customers continue to engage with. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot offer user-friendly platforms that automate email tasks and provide detailed analytics. If you’d like further personalization, newsletter platforms such as Campaign Monitor can help create highly targeted campaigns that can resonate with your audience on a deeper level.


Email marketing is more than newsletters and updates; it's about creating a cohesive strategy that engages, informs, and brings value to your customer base. From meticulously building a quality email list to crafting personalized, targeted campaigns and taking advantage of seasonal trends, each element plays a critical role in your overall success. Email marketing is an extension of your goal to both help your customers and remain top of mind to ensure long-lasting relationships and sustainable HVAC business growth.